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THE MISFIT was my first important clue to discovering that songs of faith and doubt, songs of divinity and humanity, songs of overt worship and subtle inference ... all these songs could (and, as it turns out, absolutely should) be written, sung and then placed along side each other. This album was, simply put, real life set to music. It was ahead of its time (a concept album without the cheesy, predictable premise) and, perhaps, too good for its own good in the marketplace of Christian music! It was a Gospel with a little dirt under its fingernails. A Gospel where there might really be place for me. If I had a dime for every sincere Christian song that sounded "nice" but was utterly useless to me in the day-to-day grind and complications of my life ... I would spend all those dimes on as many giveaway copies of THE MISFIT as I could hand out. ...
Bob Bennett

Sometimes, recording is just too much pressure. Other times, it's just about the most exciting thing I ever did. You haven't lived until you've just finished some background vocals and are now starting to double them. It just sounds great! No mix-down can match it. Or until you are in the studio watching and hearing the string players (violin, viola, cello, bass), playing your song - or singing lead vocal along with an orchestra. My legs and spine were literally quivering with excitement during my first experience of this. Believe me, it's a rare privilege to do a real record. To have it receive a lot of airplay (in Southern California, at any rate) and then to be named one of the top 10 CCM albums of the year (1979) is certainly more than I ever deserved. One time Rick Conklin (of Aslan) wrote something about me that was quite an observation - he said that I had a talent for surrounding myself with great musicians. I don't know about such talent on my part, but from Good News, with Dave Diggs, Bill Batstone, and Bob Carlisle, to Michele Pillar and Jonathan Brown and the players on the Misfit - boy, was I surrounded by talent! ...
Erick Nelson

Contemporary Christian Music didn't even have its title yet. The "Jesus Movement" was in full swing and we were all swept away, doing all we could to express His love to anyone who would listen. Erick's song writing was not careful or calculated for anything or anyone, but written for the human heart, out of the pit of his own. Every vocal performed was done with one burn like fire, and carry the truth. Had The Misfit been recorded a couple of years later, it most likely would not have been the same, because things changed. Radio charts, sales charts and ministering in larger venues, became the norm. And as those new thing became important, the window of innocence closed. Please know that I don't believe that the days ahead were "less than good", but as always...things change. ...
Michele Pillar

I first heard Michele sing on a Maranantha praise album.   I heard her voice, and thought, "That's a great voice".  At the time, like around 1974, I had one of Kiki Dee's early albums and I thought I liked this girl's singing - it's really good.  And then I heard Michele's voice, and I thought, beautiful voice, and then there was the Spirit of the Lord that was with it as well, just a real sweetness. ...
Phil Keaggy - Dove-winning Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist

The Misfit is a rare Christian music "classic" that holds up as well today as when it was first released--if not better! Historically, the album offered the perfect transition from Christian music's first decade to its second, capping the career of one of the '70s biggest stars (Nelson) and launching that of a prominent '80s diva (Pillar). The Misfit evinces the mature professionalism of projects by later stars like Amy Grant, while retaining the spiritual charm and devotion of early Jesus music artists like Love Song, Keith Green, or Second Chapter of Acts. ...
Mark Allan Powell - CCM Encyclopedia

Erick Nelson is an incredible singer, writer, and apologist, and the Misfit album displayed his many talents in great form.  It's wonderful to see this classic album re-released.
David Diggs - Jazz artist/Composer

Tommy and I were delighted when Michele and Erick chose to record "He's Asleep" on "The Misfit." It was a thrill for me to write a string arrangement for one of my own songs which was being performed so beautifully....
Alf Clausen - Grammy-winning movie and TV composer, currently for the Simpson's

... The album "The Misfit" is a great album! I think my favorite song is "Martyr Song".  . It just moves me to think of the "great cloud of witnesses" and their testimony. Musically speaking, it's pretty good to listen back to something you did a few decades ago and not want to change one note.
John Wickham - Songwriter/Guitarist

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