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This is where you look for updates and changes.  I will try to keep you updated on anything related to the CD, or related events.


New -December 4th, 2002 - The CCM magazine review is out!   "... Truly ahead of its time, The Misfit certainly deserves another day in the Sun".

Pick up the december issue on the news-stands.   If you can't get one, you can see the review at:
CCM Review .

New -December 4th, 2002 - We've made Misfit sales now in 5 countries including, Canada, England, Australia, Japan, and of course from the U.S.

New -November 14th, 2002 - You can now place International orders!   Check out the order page .

or to pay with credit card go directly to the shopping cart at:

November 14th, 2002 - I have confirmed that
CCM Magazine will be doing a review on the CD issue of The Misfit In the upcoming December issue!  Look for a review hopefully on as well in December!

November 14th, 2002 -On October 6th,   Michele and I visited the Brian Mason Show on Nashville's #1 Radio Station Mix 92.9FM ! Check out the photos page on Brian's site.  I'm the tall red-headed guy on the left.  Michele is ...well, the lovely lady in the center.

October 2nd, 2002 -On October 6th, at 6-10AM, Michele and I will be visiting the Brian Mason Show on Nashville's #1 Radio Station Mix 92.9FM!  He is going to talk to us about the CD release!  Hopefully we will have Erick on the phone as well!

October 2nd, 2002 -In an upcoming issue, I have confirmed that CCM Magazine will be doing a review on the CD issue of The Misfit!  Probably either December or January issue!

October 2nd, 2002 - Special thanks to Saturday Night Archives DJ Terry Phillips at WJTL 90.3FM in Lancaster, PA, for airing an hour long interview with Erick Nelson and showcasing The Misfit So Well!  This took place on September 21st, 2002!!

October 2nd, 2002 -If you have a radio station local to you that you'd like to hear The Misfit played on, let me know the Station location, call letters, and any contact info you may have, and I will send them a copy.  I'm going to try and get a single from the CD playing across the country.  I'm probably going to target First Prayer and Martyr Song.

July 24th, 2002 -
The CD's are in!  I will begin shipping orders in the next couple of days.  So thanks for the patience.  You won't be disappointed.

Remember when you receive yours that it plays in any regular CD player.  Drop it in your computer and you can either play it in your CD or media player or explore the enhanced content which includes 5 never before released Erick Nelson Demos in MP3 format!  Erick would love to hear feedback from you.   Email me with your comments and I'll pass them along.

July 24th, 2002 -

Paypal!!  Is now available.

or go directly to the shopping cart at:

July 3rd, 2002 -
The CD is in manufacturing so I'm just waiting on the factory.  The CD inserts should be winging to Erick and Michele for autographs as we speak.

July 3rd, 2002 -

- How do I paypal/Credit Card order???
Here's my response:

Hang in there, I'm getting things squared away with my new company checking account and I need that to set the Pay Pal up. It should be resolved in the next week.

Thanks for the patience. No ones chomping at the bit more than me to get this disk in everyone's hands.

June 14th, 2002 -
I will be adding a guest book to the site.  I'd love you to put your thoughts here(you never know who else will post there). 

To those of you who have written letters with your orders.  First let me say thanks for the comments, I will be adding some of them to the reviews page under a special section.  Second, if you'd like confirmation that I've received your check, email me at and I will email a confirmation.  Most people haven't been including email addresses with their orders and I can't easily confirm without them.

June 14th, 2002 -
Sorry, have to bump the release date back a couple of weeks.  It took me a little longer than I thought it would to wrangle all of the multi-media content together for this enhanced CD.  I'm waiting on Artwork proofs and should be sending everything off to the manufacturer sometime next week.  As soon as the CD Inserts are printed, 200 will be off to autograph(thanks Erick and Michele).  Thank you for being patient!

To everyone who made advance orders, thank you for your faith and your patience.  It will be rewarded and you will not be disappointed!  Hopefully everything will flow smoothly from here.

For everyone else, I am extending the advance order date a little longer(July 1st).   See the order page.

May 31st, 2002 - Added What's New feature(this page)

May 31st, 2002 - Updated Players Page

May 31st, 2002 - Updated Reviews Page

May 30th, 2002 - Updated Reviews Page


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